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Light-Emitting Diodes (LED)
Light-Emitting Diodes (LED)
 The True Advantages of LED Lighting
Replacing your current lighting setup with an LED lighting solution will give brand new meaning to the word investment. The following facts will show that an LED lighting solution investment in your home is a big plus, but moving to an LED solution in your business establishment is essential! Why? Because besides the fact that you are evolving to a cleaner, better looking, environmentally friendly lighting source, the money saving factor is as real as cause and effect.

Maintenance and bulb replacement costs

The average operating life cycle of Diamond Brite's LED lamps is 60,000 hours. This is 7 years of continuous operation or 14 years of 50% operation. This is a big contrast to the average life of an incandescent or CFL bulb, which is approximately 5,400 hours. So, what this really means:
 Hardware cost: The cost of purchasing multiple incandescent bulb replacements far exceeds the cost of one LED light bulb.
 Maintenance: With incandescent, halogen and florescent lamps, the true cost of the bulb includes the high maintenance fees needed to replace them. These are important factors, especially in office buildings and skyscrapers where there are large numbers of bulbs and high ceiling florescent lamps installed. 
These issues can all be almost completely eliminated with the LED option.

Light Source efficiency
The key strength of LED lighting is reduced electrical power consumption and much higher efficiency. Diamond Brite's LEDBrite™ LED chip, operates at 84% efficiency, which means that 84% of the electrical energy is converted to light energy. The remaining 16% is lost as heat energy. Compare that with incandescent bulbs, which operate at about 20% efficiency with 80% of the electrical energy lost as heat. 

In terms of money spent, if a 100-watt incandescent bulb is used for 1 year with an electrical cost of 13 cents/kilowatt hour, $104 will be spent on electricity costs. Of The $104 expense, $87 will have gone to creating heat energy instead of luminosity. If an 80% efficient LED system had been used, the electricity cost would be $23 per year -
 there would be a cost savings of $65 on electricity during the year. Realistically the savings would be higher as most incandescent light bulbs blow out within a year and require replacements whereas LED light bulbs can be used for almost a decade without burning out. 
Heat Factor
As mentioned before, LED bulbs emit very little heat compared with other types of bulbs like incandescent and especially halogen. Most business owners are not fully aware of the unnecessarily huge amount of energy being used to cool their place of operation, whether retail store, warehouse or showroom. This factor is very important when using a large amount of light bulbs, where some halogen bulbs can create as much heat as a small conventional residential heater! In areas with hot weather, or in most places during summertime, an LED replacement can reduce the cost of cooling your work environment significantly!

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